take action

采取行动的英语翻译To take action

take action采取行动take measure采取措施

积极的采取行动take active actions

immediate action/be swift to act 立即行动 They were swift to act.他们立即行动.There must be immediate action if chaos is to be avert.要避免混乱就必须立即采取行动.

1(行走; 走动) move about; get about:行动不便have difficulty getting about;行动缓慢move slowly; be slow-moving2(为实现某种意图而活动) act; take action:行动起来go into action;行动果断put one's foot down;行动小组action group;

就某事采取行动怎么说就某事采取行动Take action on something 重点词汇

我们已采取了如下行动【We have taken actions as follow】

Act now. Act now. From now on we will have to repeat this sentence every hour, every minute, again and again, over and over, until it is not less than the times we breathe. Following it are instinctive actions quick as a blink.


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