Has good sea view and city view 拥有优美的海景和街景

guilin is famous of its good view of li river.桂林以漓江风景闻名于世.

Clare and David Astor are sketching a view of far Spanish hills 克莱尔和戴维阿斯特正在画远处西班牙山峦的风景素描.We took time to stop and admire the view. 我们特意驻足欣赏风景.

I view him as a rubbish.He is viewed as a rubbish by me.

view KK: [] DJ: [] n. 1. 视力;视野[U] Victory is in view. 胜利在望. 2. 观看;眺望[S][(+of)] There's a fine view of the lake from our hotel window. 从我们旅馆的窗口可以看到湖的美丽风光. 3. 景色;风景画,风景照片[C] 4. 看法,观点[C][+(that)][(+

It's not cheating in my view.按我的看法,这不是欺骗.

view 是景观,风景的意思 eg:the view here is the best 风景这边独好!

you are unique in my eyes. 在我眼里你是唯一的(独特的)

In my view, keeping healthy is of great importance 祝主楼健康

有个好意见,好观点.view [vju] n. 观察;视野;意见;风景 vt. 观察;考虑;查看

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