with 音两个基本都对,要看前后单词和英语还是,I will go with you. 是we..s ..; With the central bank, 就会念we..z..

with 英[w] 美[wθ] prep. 随着; 和,跟; 关于; 和…一致; [例句]Mrs Clinton was huddled with advisers at her headquarters. 克林顿夫人和顾问聚在总部秘谈.

with[wIT] prep.1.与…(在)一起,带着:Come with me. 跟我一起来吧./ I went on holiday with my friend. 我跟我朋友一起去度假./ Do you want to walk home with me? 你

With+宾语+doing/done/to 做状语 doing表示主动,done表示被动 to do表将来 Eg: With all the homework done, i went outside With a lot of work to do, i have no time to play with you

with 中的th 和the中的th 都发音,所以with中的th不发音,只做到th的口型,然后紧接着发the ,不建议中文标注,好好体会,多听几遍,这个涉及到连读,旺旺英语中以前有 With them 的发音讲解,但我实在找不到了 ,你可以去翻一翻!

However,with age comes a greater variety of life experiences, which gives the one wisdom and ability to see something in perspective.在这个句子中,with age comes a greater variety of life experiences采用了倒装语序(正常语序是a greater variety of life experiences comes with age),这样就是的which引导的从句紧靠其所修饰的词experiences.

一、with表拥有某物 Mary married a man with a lot of money .马莉嫁给了一个有着很多钱的男人.I often dream of a big house with a nice garden .我经常梦想有一个带花园


你这么问太笼统了,with本来是介词,后面接动词时就应该用ing形式,与句首无关 满意请采纳,谢谢

为你解答.1、My mother with me goes shopping.我妈妈和我去购物.解释:介词短语with me在句中做状语.2、I want to rent a flat with two floors.解释:我想租一套两层的公寓.解释:介词短语with two floors在句中做定语,修饰名词flat.

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