rules 是 rules名字状态下的复数,指多个格尺,多条制度等等 rule KK: [] DJ: [] n.1. 规则,规定,章程,条例[C] It's against the rules of the school to smoke.吸烟是违反校规的.2. 习惯,通例,常规[C] He's made it a rule to rise early.他已养成早起的


犯法rules的意思是,法规, 例如break tne rules:规则

1. 规程;规章;条例;守则 rule的复数2. 习惯,通例,常规 rule复数3. 尺;标准 rule的复数

这两个词在法律上有很明显的区别.Regulations 是“法例”,是指国家(联邦)通过的、施行于全国的法例.Rules 是“规则”、“规章”,通常是地方政府(城、镇、县)颁布及施行的有约束力的规则和规章.这两个词都是现代广泛应用的.


school rules are very important. there are many rules in our school. for example, we should wear our school uniform at school and we should go to school on time. we are required to keep the classroom clean and tidy. we can't eat, drink or sleep in

I have too many rules in my school.So I am very tired. I can't eat food in class,and I must listen to the teacher carefully. Because I an learn many things from the tea

是可数 规章制度条例的意思 单数是rule 复数是rules 用many many rules表示许多规章条例的意思

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