spoil 英[spl]美[spl]vi. 变质; 掠夺; 腐败;vt. 损坏,糟蹋; 把(酒,肉等)放坏; 溺爱坏,宠坏(孩子等); 抢劫,掠夺;n. 抢劫,掠夺; 废品,次品; 成功所带来的好处; (开掘等时挖出的) 弃土;[例句]It's important not to let mistakes spoil your life重要的是不要让错误毁了你的生活.[其他] 第三人称单数:spoils 现在分词:spoiling 过去式:spoilt 过去分词:spoilt

可以,动词的现在分词式常用为形容词,比如The spoiling food makes the garbage smell to high heaven. 同样The spoiled food makes the garbage smell to high heaven. 的 spoiled 也是形容词.

spoil for To be eager for: 一心想: spoiling for a fight. 极想打一场架 choice n.(名词) 1) The act of choosing; selection. 选择:选择的行为;选择 2) The power, right, or liberty to choose; option. 选择权:进行选择的能力、权力或自由;选择权

spoil[英][spl][美][spl]vi.变质;掠夺;腐败vt.损坏,糟蹋;把(酒,肉等)放 spoilt spoiled 过去分词:spoilt spoiled 现在分词:spoiling双语例句1.Don't bunch the

2007-11-25 04:33:33 来自: a 出生于伦敦的伍尔芙是在家中接受教育的.结婚以前她的名字是艾德琳弗吉尼亚斯蒂芬(Adeline Virginia Stephen).1895年母亲去世之后,她第一次精神崩溃.后来她在自传《存在的瞬间》(Moments of

agriculturen.[U]1. 农业,农耕2. 农艺,农学词形变化: 形容词:agricultural 副词:agriculturally 名词:agriculturist 例句与用法: 1. I know nothing about agriculture. 我对农业一窍不通. 2. Modern agriculture is spoiling our beautiful countryside. 现

释义:供应商融资,卖方融资,卖主融资例句1.Hard-pressed European rivals, spoiling for a fight, may yet find a use for vendorfinancing again.压力之下的欧洲对手跃跃欲试,它们可能会为卖方融资再次找到用武之地.2.Some of them have area

agriculturen.农业;农学;农艺1.I know nothing about agriculture.我对农业一窍不通.2.Modern agriculture is spoiling our beautiful countryside.现代农业正在破坏我们美丽的农村.3.Agriculture in this country has developed greatly after liberation.解放后这个国家的农业得到了巨大的发展.4.He studied agriculture in college.他在大学里研究农学.

original essence 最原初本质双语例句 1.Industry analysis, affordable housing come to today has lost its original essence and color . 行业分析,负担得起的住房到今天已经失去了原有的本质和色彩.2.It makes the existing content more Search Engine friendly, without interfering or spoiling its natural and original essence. 它使已存在的满足较多的搜寻引擎友好,不妨碍或破坏它的天然和最初的本质.

love clumsy bear baby爱笨熊宝贝双语对照例句:1.Miss kate will you bear with my clumsy steps for this dance? 凯特小姐可以赏脸请您跳支舞吗?2.Or that telly monster's best friend is baby bear? 抑或怪物特利最好的朋友是熊宝宝?3.After five

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