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my fvourite season

My favorite season My favourite season is winter.Because it's snowy,I can make snowman,go skiing,and go skating.Make snowman with my friends is very interesting,and it'

My Favourite Season Autumn is my favourite season. I like it because autumn is so beautiful. In the autumn, the weather is cool. There are lots of good things, fruits, crops, vegetables …and so on. Autumn is a harvest season, a golden season. I like

My favourite season is winter. It is cold and dry. The snowflakes fall and fall. Children are making snowmen happily. I like skiing and ice-skating at this time. How happy we are!望采纳

Autumn is my favourite season.I like it because autumn is so beautiful.In the autumn,the weather is cool.There are lots of good things,fruits,crops,vegetables …and so on.

My favorite season is summer .because I can go to the beach to swimming.I can have sunbath on the beach. I can go to the store to buy some ice creans! I can calling my friends go to outside!Summer is a fun season !I like summer very much!

My favourite season is summer.Firstly,we will have a long holiday in summer,so we can relax oueselves.And we can also eat ice cream in summer,I love eating it very much;Secondly,it gets really warm in summer,so i feel really energetic;Thirdly,the

My favourite season is summer, although hot, but full of fun. In summer we can swim, can eat ice-cream. Can wear beautiful clothes. Summer is a passionate season! I most like summer!

(一) Summer is my favorite season. I like to eat ice cream and watermelon in summer. My father and I will go to camp in the summer holiday. He can go fishing, I can go swimming, we can see many stars in the evening. I like summer very much.

初一水平的作文当然不能写的太难,要用最基本的词汇和句型.My favorite seasonThere are four seasons in a year, spring, summer, autumn and winter. I like autumn best, because the weather is not too hot or too cold. It's al

autumn is my favourite season.i like it because autumn is so beautiful.in the autumn,the weather is cool.there are lots of good things,fruits,crops,vegetables …and so on.autumn is a harvest season,a golden season.i like autumn because the mid-

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