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my favourite food范文

There are many different kinds of food. My favorite food is fried rice.In China, most of the people in the south eat rice. And I like fried rice best.It's really delicious. When I go home from school, I am always hungry. At that time I always make fried rice

冰淇淋的:My Favorite Food(我喜欢的食物) Different people like different food. Most children like ice cream,so do I. The ice cream has a lot of taste, such as :chocolate ice cream,strawberry ice cream ,milk ice cream and so on. I like the

1.My favorite food is Mabo Tofu. It is spicy, tender, nutritious, and delicious. My mom buys Tofu in the Market every morning, and makes different types of dishes using Tofu for dinner. Everyone in my family enjoys Mabo Tofu very much. 2.My Favorite

my favorite foodmy favorite food is bread, because there are different ways to eat bread. for example can jam eat fried can eat, etc.my favorite food is bread, that you? quick to introduce the!if don't mind can come to my house to eat bread! i will treat

My favorite food is sandwich(三明治).There are both vegetables and meat in it.At the the same time,it's easy for us to make it.When we go to school without breakfast,we can take some sandwiches .This kind of food can keep us healthy.

My Favourite Food 一、 My favourite food is fruit. As we all know, fruit is delicious and healthy food. It has many kinds, such as apples, pears, oranges, lemons and so so. Nowadays, nearly every one have fruit every day. It has a long history. Nobody

my favourite food my favourite food is cake.because it is very delicious.although cake is very sweet,it looks very beautiful.on my birthday,my mother bought a cake for me.i was very happy.there were many things on the birthday cake.for example ,some

my favourite food is the peking duck. it is a famous dish and a lot of international personalities have tried it before. the duck is charcoal roasted till its skin is crispy and brown. one bite into the meat and you can taste the juicy and tender flesh

I love the family food, three meals a day though but are not the same, not repeat, nutritious and healthy, and are delicious, not a single.The food in the house are all created by mother personally, I am in nutrition, supplements, so her mother every day

第一篇 My Favorite Food I like many different kinds of food, eggs is my favorite kind. Eggs contain a lot of essential nutrients needed by the human body, and it's commonly found in almost any part of the world. Eggs are oval shaped spheres with a

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