The pollution becomes more and more severe increased with the number of factories.pollution污染;severe 严重;factories (factory的复数) 工厂

increase in表示“在……方面增长”,increase by是“增长了多少”(by表示差额),increase with表示“随……增长”,如:Activists are increasing in number day by day.His vanity increased with years.The per unit area yield of ginned cotton has increased by 10% over last year.希望我能帮助你解疑释惑.

increasing 是动词 而文里的increased后面有投资这名词所以要用形容词

Have+过去分词,是现在完成时 所以应该是have increased increaseing 是increase 的动名词形式,与系动词be 连用 increased 是increase的过去式和过去分词

这个不是过去将来时,would 相对于will来说,语气显得更委婉,没有will 这么确定,这里并不是虚拟语气的用法,仅仅是对将来的事的推测.Longevity 【主语】would be increased【谓语】, for fewer people would die of heart attack or stroke

是的,分词短语作定语时,过去分词表示被动,译成“被的”或“经过了.的”,现在分词表示主动,直接译成“的”翻译时要注意.例句:But, eventually, increasing power meant that even vw conceded the point and started to cool its

demand sth.form sb.要求某人做某事 demand to do sth 要求做某事.demang that+主+(should)to(宾语从句用should+动词原形或直接接动词原形) in demand(n.)(习语)有需求(much wanted),受欢迎的(popular) 主要的就这些,再有的话我再添上.

名词加be increased by加从句是被动.因为be increased by就已经是被动语态了,用了be动词和increase的过去分词,表示被动语态,意思是增长了.例句:The first quarter dividend has been increased by nearly 4 per cent. 第一季度的股息增长

aim用作动词,主要表示“瞄准,针对”;用作名词,主要表示“瞄准,目标”,其语法特征和主要用法如下:1.不管用作名词还是动词,其后均常接介词 at.如:He aimed his gun at the bird,but did not fire.他用枪瞄准鸟,但没开枪.He took aim at

Using megnetic tapes or megnetic disks for input and output 动名词做主语, increased 谓语,the speed of the computer(lz打掉了一个e)做宾语.翻译 用磁带或磁盘来输入和输出(文件) 增快了电脑的速度.

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