中性词intention_百度翻译[英] [ntenn][美] [ntnn]n.意向; 意图,目的; 意义,意旨; [医]愈合;[例句]Beveridge announced his intention of standing for parliament贝弗里奇宣布他打算竞选议员.[复数]intentions百度翻译

publicly 英['pblkl] 美[pblkli] adv. 公开地; 由公众(或政府) 为公众所同意; 以公众名义; [网络] 公然地; 当众; 公然地,舆论上; [例句]Once again, the best way to be successful in these activities is to very publiclystate your intentions and success criteria.再说一次,这些活动中最好的成功方法是公开地说明您的意图和成功标准.

一、问题回答 “意向”的英文:intention 音标:英 [ntenn] 美 [ntnn] 二、单词详解 intention n.意向;意图,目的;意义,意旨;[医]愈合 复数: intentions 三、双语例句1.Beveridge announced his intention of standing for

名词,表示意图,目的 搭配 have the intention to do sth 或者have the intention of …… 有做某事的想法


true可以作名词:真实的,及物动词:装校,形容词:真实的,副词:真实地truer形 副词:真实地true使用较广,例如its true.He disguised his true intentions from her.他对

歌曲名:Intentions歌手:we came as romans专辑:dreams『Intentions』the intent. i intend. the intentions of one will guide.i strive to speak what i have learned and learn from those i see.to step out of this life is my ambition.to speak out and show

1. 英文简介: The story follows the life of low I.Q.Forrest Gump and his meeting with the love of his life Jenny.The film chronicles his accidental experiences with some of the most important people and events in America from the late 1950's through

evil intentions贼心;恶意;恶念; 例句:1.A consummate liar, he set about convincing her that her parents had only evilintentions for her. 他是个完美的骗子,他让海蒂相信父母对自己只有一些险恶的用心.2.In every recent conflict, the united

In our daily lives,we all hate people who lie to you.We often regard those who tell lies out of some ulterior motive associated with something bad and consider those people as being dishonest and persons who cannot be trusted.But not all lies are out

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