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in the case of造句

In the case of the condition ,you'd better do not go outside . 译为在…的情况下;就…来看.翻译:就现在的情况,你最好别出去!

您好,本人原创的例句如下供参考,希望对您有所帮助:1. In case 例句一:In case I forget, remind me to get up early for the morning meeting tomorrow. 翻译:别让我忘了

in case of 防备,假如,如果发生例句与用法:in case of emergency, break the glass and press the button.遇到紧急情况时,击碎玻璃罩并摁下按钮.in case of fire, ring the

Take an umbrella with you in case it might rain 带上伞以防下雨

in case 本身也是个词组万一的意思万一我们不用花那么多的钱,我们会尽量满足你的要求的in case ofadv.假设, 万一in the case ofadv.在的情况

参考译文1:各国必须准备接受这些必要的政策,至于那些最贫困的国家,要做到这一步,也许需要国际社会的援助. 参考译文2:各国必须准备接受这些必要的政策,至于那些极度贫困的国家,要做到这一点,恐怕需要国际社会的援助. in the case of :至于,在…的情况下;就……而言很平常的句子.行文者为了句子简洁和避免文字上的重复,中间省略了(,they): in the case of the poorest countries(,they) may need the support of the international community as they do so. 教材没有出错!

in case: 假使,以防万一conj. 如果,万一 例句与用法: 1. We have an auxiliary generator in case of power cuts. 我们有一台万一断电时使用的备用发电机. 2. In case you

假使 In case he comes, let me know.如果他来的话, 告诉我一声.免得, 以防 Be quiet in case you wake the baby.轻点儿, 别吵醒婴儿 也许, 说不定 Take your skates in case you decide to go skating.把溜冰鞋带去, 说不定你们要溜冰呢.

in case of adv.假设,万一 in the case of adv.在的情况 区别这两个


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