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hiking 是什么意思


hiking翻译成中文是:n. 徒步旅行; v. 徒步旅行( hike的现在分词 )hiking 英[hak] n. 徒步旅行; v. 徒步旅行( hike的现在分词 ); 提高(价格等); [例句]Her own preferred methods of exercise are hiking and long cycle rides.她自己喜欢徒步旅行和骑自行车长途旅行这样的运动方式.[其他] 原型: hike

hiking ['haiki] n. 徒步旅行 Hiking:徒步旅行|长途徒步旅行|系列 HIKING UP:起吊 go hiking:去徒步旅行|去远足|徒步行

n.远足;徒步旅行v.“hike”的现在分词健行;爬山;登山I got a new pair of hiking boots.我买了一双新的登山靴.I hate hiking with him. He's slow as a snail.我不喜欢和他一起徒步旅行.他慢得像蜗牛.若满意,请尽快【采纳】谢谢你的合作!( ̄0  ̄)y如果能【增加财富值】就更好了!也可以给一个【赞】哦~另外,如有疑问可追问,我会尽快回复. 来自{上贼船莫怕死}

go hiking:远足;徒步旅行



hiking: [ 'haiki ] n. 徒步旅行 1. I think I'll go hiking in Europe for my holidays; I'll probably go on my own, footloose and fancy-free. 我想去欧洲度假作徒步旅行,我很可能会独自去,自由自在,无拘无束. 2. In addition, hiking, fishing, skiing, and

有三种解释1bitch hikeThe art of bitch hiking is similair to that of hitch hiking, except instead of the goal being free rides, it is free pussy in different states and provinces.Billy: I wanna hitch hike all over the world with greasy truckers!Ted: You

第一个是动词,第二个是动词ing形式.例子:He likes go hiking.Does he like going hiking.(动词ing形式就是"现在进行时")

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