dumbfounded[英][dmfandd][美][dmfandd]adj.惊呆的,目瞪口呆的v.使人哑然失声,使发楞( dumbfound的过去式和过去分词 )

dumbfounded英 [dmfandd]美 [dmfandd]adj. 惊呆的,目瞪口呆的v. 使人哑然失声,使发楞( dumbfound的过去式和过去分词 )双语例句1. We were amazed, shocked, dumbfounded, shaking our heads in disbelief.我们震惊、愕


even without humans即使没有人类例句筛选1.but even without that subplot, there was more than enough to leave theHumans dumbfounded.但即使没有那段插曲,这故事也足够令人类听众

是由dumb + found 构成的即原型是dumbfound,这个词多用于被动语态,就是你写的那个,dumbfounded, 意思是 因受惊而说不出话来的样子,如:We were dumbfounded by her rudeness.^_^


一\surprise是vt.&n.使吃惊;惊奇 1、in surpise惊奇地 2、by surpise出其不意地 3、to one's surpise使人吃惊的是 二\surpised是adj.吃惊的 如:be surpised to do sth. 三\surprising也是形容词,使人吃惊的(与surprised的区别是surprising对象是物

Ataulfo n. 阿道尔夫(人名) [例句] This suggestion dumbfounded Ataulfo. 这项建议使阿道尔夫目瞪口呆.

An Unforgettable Day Late one afternoon, I was on my way home from school. I walked slowly along the street with my head drooped. The scenes on both sides of the street were beautiful, but I had no interest in them at all. I walked and walked,

surprise [e-c concise dictionary][se5praiz]n.惊奇, 诧异, 惊人之事, 奇袭vt.使惊奇, 奇袭adj.令人惊讶的grippe [e-c concise dictionary][^rip, ^ri:p]n.流行性感冒fool [e-c concise dictionary][fu:l]n.愚人, 白痴, 莽汉, 受骗者, 奶油拌水果vt.愚弄,

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