dutyn.1.[C,U]夭販;吶暦;云蛍2.[U]貧萎;峙萎3.[duties]岼夭;販暦4.[C,U] duty on sth 飽;(喩峺序笥歯麗住追議)購飽

duty 哂[dju:ti] 胆[du:ti] n. 吶暦; 岼夭,夭販; 岼夭賜垢恬; 飽辺; [箭鞘]Staff must report for duty at their normal place of work岼埀駅倬壓峠扮貧萎議仇圭禰欺.[凪麿] 鹸方:duties

夭販n. 夭販; 購飽;岼暦錬李辛參逸欺低

duty壓宸戦議吭房頁^捲汚叨 ̄.錬李厘嬬逸廁低盾夘瞥雌.

dutyKK: []DJ: []n.1. 夭販;吶暦;云蛍[C][U]It is our duty to defend our country.隠寮忽社頁厘断議吶暦.2. 飽[C][U]Customs duties are paid on imported goods.斤序笥歯麗尢辺購飽.3. 岼夭;岼暦[P1]One of my duties is to file the letters.厘議岼夭岻匯頁繍佚周拷亀.4. 彰吭;孝乏5. (字匂議)孔楕;嬬楕;減塞6. (恬麗侭俶議)項姑楚

We should thank side every man, they gave us many things, whether right or wrong. Thank those of my good man, they sad sad when I can go to my cynical, thank those who, make me become so firm! I later will do well myself. Live your life. You look at my efforts. Thank you again for your仍仍寡追


[ti:Duty][ar:篋鍋あゆみ][al:][by:] [00:00.00]Duty[00:18.12]恬簡宀兆 篋鍋あゆみ[00:21.45]恬爆宀兆 Ken Harada[00:30.63]篋鍋あゆみ[00:38.63]Lrc:眉認旗さま[00:42.57]豊もが冥して 圀しがっているもの[00:47.96]^それ ̄はいつかの 隆栖にあ

It's westenday today,a nice sunny day ,full of warmth and peace.You know it's also a special day for me ,because today I will finish my first duty report,I am happy to do that ,I hope everyone will get a good mood .Next,I will tell you a jest. Tom's Excuse

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