basicly 是basic的副词形式,意思是基本地.初级地,必需地 basically 是副词,意思是大体上,总的来说,从根本上说

Criticize 动词,批评 criticise 写错了,应该是 z

拼错了,是 basically, 就是 基本上 的意思

My hobby is to draw. I started to learn drawing since I was five. It was a great pleasure to draw. I can basicly spend hours on a small piece of work which sometimes it don't like when it is done, but

英名:Banya Pine或者Bunya Pine 拉丁文学名:Araucaria bidwillii Hook.

更让我头疼的是 我直接修改launcher 源码 重新烧 system.img到 devices上 尽然还是不能添加 我自己的app对应的widget ,系统本身的widget是可以添加的


The Ways To Improve Spoken English I'm a middle school student, I like English and I'm good at it. However, I know it isn't easy to learn English for most students. I also met difficulties in the past. First of all, I'm terrified of speaking in fornt of my

Aids has become one of the most terrifying desease in todays's world.It has been caculated that if we don't take measures soon enough,the hole human race will be under siege! To fight against Aids,we definitely need to work together,basicly, we

It is difficult to learn English Learning a new language is different from learning a new word or an article. It is totally a unique and sophisiticated stuff filled with different cultures, customs and even national diversity. Even though there are multity

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