anxious 英[ks]美[ks] adj.焦急的;渴望的;令人焦虑的;流露出忧虑的 比较级:more anxious

anxious ['k∫s][中文释义] -anxious(形容词) 1.忧虑的,担心的;挂念的,焦急的. 2.切望的,渴望的;急想. 3.使人不安的. He is anxious to see you. 他急想见你. anxious seat [bench] 〔美国〕忏悔者座位 (on the anxious seat 坐立

What do you think “anxious” means

anxious的搭配和词组:1. be anxious about sth (sb) 为某事或某人担心或担忧.如:I'm very anxious about him. 我很为他担心.He was anxious about her absence. 他担心她不来.2. be anxious for sth (sb)(1) 为某事或某人担心或担扰.如:He

upset [[p'set]]基本翻译n. 混乱;翻倒adj. 心烦的;混乱的;弄翻的vt. 使心烦;颠覆;扰乱vi. 翻倒网络释义upset:不安 | 扰乱 | 使不安

What do you think “anxious” means

[英] [a(k)s] [美] [(k)s] adj. 焦虑的; 渴望的 [例句] she was extremely anxious about her exams. 她因考试感到极度不安. [变形] 比较级:more anxious 最高级:most anxious

英:[ks] 美:[ks] adj. 焦急的; 渴望的; 令人焦虑的; 流露出忧虑的; 例句: This is an anxious moment for North Korea, its neighbours and the world. 对朝鲜及其邻国乃至全世界来说,这都是一个令人焦虑的时刻.

焦急的,渴望的,令人焦虑的,流露出忧虑的 I'm very anxiou


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