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criminal 英[krmnl] 美[krmnl]n. 罪犯,犯人adj. 刑事的;犯罪的;可耻的名词复数:criminals;最高级:most criminal;比较级:more criminal[例句]The worst offending bosses could face criminal charges.严重违反规定的雇主可能面临刑事指控.


criminals are all under too much pressure

罪犯 犯人

The police find most criminals …阅读理解及答案 警方找到罪犯阅读理解及答案… The police find most criminals (罪犯) because somebody tells them who the criminals are.They find other criminals by using science and their computers.When

歌曲名:Criminals歌手:madina lake专辑:Attics to EdenMadina Lake - CriminalsAnother weekend comes, I got nowhere to goSo I get real high and head to your windowWatch perfect faces living perfect livesUntil something snaps insideNow

vt. 防护;辩护 vi. 防守;保卫 defend [di'fend] vt. 1. 保卫,守卫,警卫,捍卫;防御;保护(通常与from或against连用): 例句: The sentry defended the gate against sudden attack. 哨兵守卫大门以防突然袭击. A family must defend its

damned [D.J.:dmd] [K.K.:dmd] adj.该死的,该咒的,讨厌的 Should all criminals be damned?所有的罪犯都该咒骂吗?I'll be damned (表示惊奇)真没想到,真叫我吃惊 Well,I'll be damned!isn't that Sar

形容词 a. 1.犯罪的,犯法的.2.刑事上的[Z][B]3.可耻的 名词 n. 1.罪犯[C] 是可数的.The criminals wanted to take revenge.罪犯们想复仇.

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