He scared the little girl to cry.他把那小女孩吓得哭了起来.To cry is perfectly normal.想哭是很正常的事.She does nothing but cry.她只是哭哭啼啼.Then she began to cry.然后她就开始哭.Amid the seas she sent a cry of anguish!对着大海,她发出了一声痛苦的哭喊!I hear babies cry.我听见婴儿哭泣.

the girl cries when she can't find her mother

Why are you crying? Don't cry, please. He made the baby cry. I saw a little boy crying in the street. The little girl cried loudly.

翻译: 不要等我哭.我已经很伤心了.不要……

cry to die 哭死,哭得很伤心The death of the pet dog made her cry to die .宠物狗的死让她哭得很伤心.望采纳.

I am crying now,so sadly再看看别人怎么说的.

不知道你打没打错 不过这个意思是停下你正在干的事情然后去哭..好像没有这么安慰人的..如果想说别哭了应该是stop crying不过我还是按照楼楼的要求给造个句子Don't keep sadness in your heart and stop to cry.别把悲伤留在心里,停下你正在做的事去哭一哭IT'S best way to make us happy is stop to cry

He cried for help when he was in great trouble. 当他深陷麻烦之中时,他呼求帮助

cry和weep是近义词,经常交替使用.weep一般是书面语,在形容泪水的流淌和伴随而至的声音时,更强调前者.cry相反,通常强调声音,尽管它有时也形容无声地流泪的动作.cry并不总是表示内心的感情:The baby cried loudly when he had emptied his bottle.(婴儿吃完了奶,大哭起来)婴儿从不weep.这两词都可以形容各种感情:to weep with joy;to cry with fright;to cry from exhaustion(因疲惫而哭泣)

He often cried for the moon. 他经常想要要不到的东西.

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