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An overloaded school minibus crashed head-on with a truck in rural western China on Wednesday, killing at least 18 kindergarten children on their way to class, officials said.Sixty-two children and two adults were crowded into the bus, which had just

notice a competition, computer department against Chinese department ,is going to be held in football field at half past three in the afternoon of october 15 by the student union.The game wil be very execiting. The both department will be ready to

What has been described as the "heaviest rain in six decades" left at least 37 people dead and raised criticism about Beijing's infrastructure and the government's response to disasters.被形容为“六十年来最严重的大雨”,造成至少37人死亡

时事新闻 位置:首页 > 双语阅读 > 双语资讯 > 时事新闻 > 正文 勿忘国耻:南京大屠杀全史 日期:2012-12-12 09:58(单词翻译:单击) ONE week ahead of the 75th anniversary of the Nanking Massacre, the atrocities were fully exposed in a new

这是在Google找到的相关新闻,你可以参考一下: ----------------------------------- Police probe China gambling racket, reports say Football News - Asian Football News Thu, Nov 5th - AFPPrinter Friendly Share Text Size BEIJING, Nov 5, 2009 (AFP)

Members visitors : tourist cities in East China line, Wuxi Taihu is a beautiful and famous endangered. In this "full of warmth and water," the city and landscape of the human Answer attracted waves of guests. Today let us go together to ESS "

由于半个世纪以来最严重的冰雪风暴引起的危机已经开始蔓延了,中国在本周三提出一项非常冬季天气警告. 据新华社官方报道,截至周三晚, 有162个县已经停电, 包括湖南省的重灾地郴州市.新华社引用国务院(中国的内阁)下的急救管理中

原文China: Changing channels The country's TV landscape is modernizing as upstart players look to take on an established giant. By Jonathan Landreth BEIJING -- It's a scene familiar on television the world over: teens and twentysomethings

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